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Grow Ability Farm


Est. 2021

Friendships Flower Forever


Your purchase helps us love our local autism community! 

10% of net profits benefit local autism support services who work with young adults transitioning from high school to adulthood.


We are Joy and George Elick. Together, we share the dream and the work of this venture, but technically, this little education & wellness retreat is woman-owned by me, Joy. From childhood, it has been my lifelong goal to do something like this, and now I'm doing it! 


I'm so excited you clicked onto this page. Here, you can read about our heart for using flowers to build relationships with people like you while caring for our local autism community. Please check out our story below. We love sharing the "why" and passion behind this crazy journey that brings us so much joy (and pain)! Also be sure to check out our photo gallery in the last section of this page. Thanks for reading :-)


I grew up on a farm in Eugene, OR. It's now the land directly behind Riverbend Hospital. I've always thought and claimed that I'm a terrible gardener, though I worked hard at it every year. I think I've learned some things, because I'm making beautiful things grow now! Not only do I love to put my hands in the dirt, I'm passionate about helping people learn new DIY skills side-by-side with friends!

Joy Elick is the owner of Grow Ability Flower Farm serving Oregon's Southern Willamette Valley.


I grew up in the small town of Grants Pass, OR. My grandparent's big garden near my home was my favorite place to hang out with Grandpa. Since starting Grow Ability Flowers with my wife, Joy, it has felt good to be building a life we love together, after years of working for someone else. Now, we're working harder than ever, but every day is filled with gratitude. As a boy, I loved to pick flowers for my mom. Now, I enjoy sharing our flowers and seeing the joy they promote in people's souls. 

George Elick helps manage Grow Ability Farm's bouquet CSA subscription plans for customers in South Lane County.


To be a place where flower lovers grow friendships, learn new skills, and promote wellness, while helping support our local autism community!


We see people as the real flowers in life! Flowers are a beautiful symbol of human flourishing. We believe a flourishing life must include access to natural beauty. Experiencing flowers and nature is good for the soul and more important than ever for our community. The more urban our lives become as a society, and the more inundated we are with technology, the more people crave and need access to nature. That’s why, when we started growing flowers, it was always with the goal to bring the people to the flowers, and not the other way around. 


It’s always been our love for people that’s kept us motivated to grow flowers each year. In order to express that love, we share our flowers free of charge with the purchase of each educational experience. I’ll never forget what one woman kept repeating the first time she visited our flower field, “Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful slice of heaven with me!”


Not only is our little slice of heaven the ideal place for friends to flourish together, as an education and wellness retreat, when you and your friends visit here, we hope your experience really is a retreat for the soul, even if just for a few hours. This is a place for you to connect, refresh, learn, create and grow. But the best part of your participation is knowing that your purchases help us support our local autism community! Keep reading below to learn more...

Farm Worker Team Work 2.jpg



We love our local autism community and want to support it. If you know and care for someone with autism, we care about you and want to connect with you! Autism has been a part of our family experience and we can relate. We know the limitations and challenges families often face in the area of family relationships, friendships (or the lack of them), and the barriers to a flourishing life that can be a real issue for a loved one living with autism, especially once he or she leaves high school. We work to support our local autism community by giving 10% of our net profits to local autism support agencies, especially those who work with young adults transitioning from high school to adulthood. Thank you so much for your business, friendship and support.





The best way to participate in our mission is to become a member. Membership is free and by becoming a member, you'll receive invites to special community events and gatherings. By coming to these intimate events, you can learn more about the heart and mission of our dream while making new friends. You can join our membership HERE

Thanks for reading and getting to know us a little more, and thank you for your support!


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